A217F MCK Network blocked too many attempts

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A217F MCK Network blocked too many attempts

On October 21, 2020, Posted by , In General, With 6 Comments

good day Mr Blang

is this safe to unlocked by code, how can recover the network locked attempts?

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  1. tavenger52 says:

    Does phone asking for PUK code?

  2. igglo7pays says:

    i dont know about PUK code but you can still put a code whatever u want.

    ni didnt start the code calculation because i dont know if the code will be accepted even if its network blocked and all the attempts allready use by the owner.

    non the lcd screen this is only can be seen

    nRegion Locked
    nEnter MCK.
    nNetwork unlocked code blocked. Too many incorrect attempts

    nby the way this phone i think is not yet supported because it is Bit3

  3. chugowa says:

    All ok, you can start reading codes.

  4. julianz says:

    Report feedback
    n if BIT3 ( U3TH4 ) will be add in support later. I will start the read code either its a gamble or lost a credits. direct unlock it seems not implemented and most of all the 2018-19-20 phones no direct unlock

  5. killu says:

    By the way resetting to factory cannot bring back the counter locked for 2020 phones.

    nGladly thanks….

  6. ExpertBuddy says:

    Yep, bit3 not supported yet. kindly, wait for updates title=smile