A720 unlock done by MSl code

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A720 unlock done by MSl code

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Searching Samsung modem… detected COM236
Reading phone info… OK
Model: SM-A720F
AP version: A720FXXU1AQF2
CSC version: A720FOJV1AQF1
CP version: A720FXXU1AQD5
Product code: SM-A720FZKDTHR
Phone SN: R58J94*****
Unique number: CBJ00C81CFAE674
Reading IMEI… OK
IMEI: 3518********
Reading SN… OK
Phone SN: R58J9*****
Enter MSL: 0B*********8
Bypass MSL… OK
Unlocking… OK
Codes set to 00000000
Rebooting phone… OK
Unlock done

Done Along with Samsung Tool PRO v.29.6

thanks to z3x team

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