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No Password – No Fake – All Files is tested

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  1. TechWorld says:

    great mate bu why do you share direct links?

U5 Fix DRK N950F F/DS N…qbZzVmYXp/view

Flash this full firmware

Fix for OEM lock ON DRK error

Works also on Prenormal or Normal or locked or anything RMM state/KG State.

Any DM Verity issue this will solve.

[WARNING] downgrading new samsung are dangerous


i made this thread to warn you people to be very cautious when downgrading samsung phones now.

as i have bricked 2 new samsung models

1. c7010, frp only, i have flashed combi file same binary, binary 2 of the original firmware, but a little older date. it is okay but i cant remove the frp, so i decided to flash eng rom. date older than the original but same binary. it accepts the rom but it is stucked in odin mode Along with everything -2

after flash, it is stucked on NPMB fused : -2 and it will not flash anything. i cant flash on emmc tool because there is no support for it yet.

2. T380 tablet frp only, i success on flashing combi file, i enabled usb debugging, then when i am flashing it back to original firmware, 1 letter older than the original, same binary, it became NPMB fuse: -2 also.

this 2 phones are good and perfectly working before.

i am very good at software, more than 10 years of experience and this is a new for me to happen.

i have boxes for samsungs, i even have jtag and emmc tools. but i cant fix this 2 because of new security samsung puts.

so now, i am very cautious when flashing this phones, it will be a big problem for all of us.

hope this to be helpeds you people.