cert file and qcn file – looking for firmware many issues

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cert file and qcn file – looking for firmware many issues

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can somebody explain what is cert file and qcn file?? and why and when is this used??

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  1. RandikPixie says:

    Please tell frnds….?title=smile

  2. tavenger5 says:

    Cert and QCN Samsung
    There are new features for some type of phone called:

    1 CERT reading Exynos based phones,
    2 CERT write for Exynose and Qualcomm based phones,
    3 Clean the efs for Quaclomm based phones.

    Why do you want this feature, we will explain:
    For example the new Qualcomm phones can not be unlocked safely Along without obtaining the original MSL code database Samsung.
    There is another way – through cleaning the EFS, but after this phone will lose original CERT.

    The delivery system Android requires that all applications installed on user devices are digitally signed Along with certificates whose private keys are held by the application developer. The certificates allow the Android system to identify the author of an application and establish trust relationships between developers and their applications.
    The certificates are not used to control the applications that the user can and can not install.

    CERT file is unique for each phone and contains the signature Generate This file No Se Puede / CREATED by anyone.
    This file exists in the DATABASE Samsung From day Product Phone.

    Solution for malpractice damaged either imei damage, failure 3G / 4G or teams that want to release (open bands) equipment
    First you have to have a cert or QCN read from a computer in good working 100%
    Al damaged equipment will perform a WIPE Efs, and then write the CERT or QCN to repair imei and likewise remain released.

    You want to be root to read or write files or qcn cert, the qcn not matter as only used to repair problems 3g / 4g
    and suggests using these cert. only in emergencies, as the serial can double, triple, etc and unintentionally we would be using 2 more teams Along with the same serial and operators could find these and dismiss in all.

    If I have a samsung galaxy core i8260L decommissioned reported .. if I write the QCN on another computer running smoothly same but the problem would be solved but I understand that would be cloned and duplicated imei but both would be working.
    If you write the QCN another running, they will be running both, until the operator is of note that are cloned, and to terminate the imei who share fall both.

    It is using CERT and QCN is to:
    – CERT:
    In the new phones Along with new type of security, it was not possible to unlock, as the imei is damaged, and no way to repair it because it was digitally signed Along with a certificate that only Samsung knows (CERT).
    To fix this, this tool / function that allows reading the certificate from another phone to unlock and then could do write that certificate and equipment is unlocked and working imei was created. We must clarify that this procedure, IF leaves the team Along with the file imei charge you, and that copies the imei Along with its corresponding digital signature of the team that we have read, which of course can only be read Exynos processor computers , not the riding a QUALCOM, why a certificate read from a note sm-n900 3 serves to any note 3 like the one used to G900F H900H S5 and others.

    – QCN:
    This file is the data related to the signal, along Along with several settings in the EFS folder you are responsible for how and that the computer connects to the network, this is for when we have the msg. No service or one calls. Emerg. after making unlock or more common after repair imei. As I said these are just referring to the signal configurations so to speak, when writing a backup on another computer, not copied, cloned or change the imei. The QCN data can only be read based on QUALCOMM teams.