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g903f S5 Flash Problem Help

On October 21, 2020, Posted by , In General, With 2 Comments

Where are specialist for Samsung?

Following problem!
G903F (bootloop Problem)
try to flash -> after flash show dm verification failed!!
try a few 4 parts stock firmware -> still not boot only samsung logo then hang Along with blue led flash.
in donwload mode it shows sytem custom, but only used stock firmware.

Twrp not work because blocked by frp
How can i find out right firmware and which region this phone is


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  1. Metaton-alfred says:

    First you want to remove frp lock, then you can just install root and phone will boot. But how to remove frp in your case… You can try search combination, may be you are luck and in combination will be avaible oem option then Along with reset frp will be deleted. Or you can checl isp pinout on z3x support for g903w, if its same, you can remove frp lock via isp.

  2. julianz says:

    its U2 i cant find combination file
    ni dont have jtag only z3x