G950U Final Imei Certi:Fail

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G950U Final Imei Certi:Fail

On October 25, 2020, Posted by , In General, With 1 Comment

kindly anybody to be helped me?

G950U Final Imei Certi:Fail
MIPI test Success

How can I solve that problem?
No network.

Searching Samsung modem… detected COM180
Reading phone info…
Model: SM-G950U
AP version: G950USQU7DTG2
CSC version: G950UOYN7DTG2
CP version: G950USQU7DSK1
Product code: ATT
Phone SN: R38JC08Q5NX
IMEI: 357724083327290/35772308501147
Unique number: 9889BA32454F304A45
Reading IMEI… OK
IMEI: 357724083327290

Done Along with Samsung Tool PRO v.41.3

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  1. julianz says:

    Hello. For now avaible only unlock operations for this model.