g950w frp problem

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g950w frp problem

On October 11, 2018, Posted by , In Z3X box Section, With 8 Comments

hi ihave g950w s8 i send combination now the phone is g950u

and frp off i want flash what i use ??

Stock G950W file or g950u?

8 Comments so far:

  1. tavenger52 says:

    try to send g960u

    nnot send Stop

  2. tavenger52 says:

    you just flash Along with full file of G950W

  3. chugowa says:

    i will try on odin and tell you

  4. ExpertBuddy says:

    ok after post the result

  5. arminasg says:

    try this solution flash combination and flash stock rom sin userdata and active oem unlock and flash full rom.

  6. TechGuru says:

    mate the problem when i send comb its g950u and the phone 950w
    nits ok comb work now im confused flash Along with 950u not work i will try now full firmware 950w

  7. TechWorld says:

    fail not work any solution????,

  8. sulmanz says:

    photo in recovery mode