Galaxy J400F Binary U4 FRP Bypass help

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Galaxy J400F Binary U4 FRP Bypass help

On July 19, 2019, Posted by , With 2 Comments

Galaxy J400F Binary U4 FRP Bypass to be helped
Along with sim pin not work

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  1. kijiji says:

    1.Put pin locked nano sim inside phone in sim 2 socket(make sure you know the pass)
    n2. once phone on move sim little up so that lock screen goes away
    n3. connect wifi
    n4. put sim in correct place so that phone asks for code again
    n5. just before phone asks for code keep sliding the notification pannel quickly several times so that it gets stuck in lock screen
    n6. once you see notification and pin lock screen together
    n7. put pin code 1234 or 0000 and do not press ok
    n8. hold phone in landscape mode and quickly tap on notification setting and tap ok Along with other finger
    n9. if success you will reach notification settings
    n10. open youtube in app notification and reach till chrome install android 8 gam and frp bypass put gmail id reboot and remove account do not reset