Help with a S3 I747M

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Help with a S3 I747M

On January 20, 2015, Posted by , In Samsung Android Phones, With Comments Off on Help with a S3 I747M

Hello, I got a S3 I747M android 4.4.2 but doesntt have the Spanish language, Can I Install a Rom for I747 in a I747M??title=confusedtitle=confused

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  1. newComer says:

    Install this Program and select spanish language:…ccl.morelocale

  2. TechWorld says:

    I think for i747m you will get best results Along with language enabler apk…. morelocale only translates few things…

  3. newComer says:

    Yeah, I try morelocale but it doesnt translate all :/