How to convert G935F to G935FD

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How to convert G935F to G935FD

On October 24, 2018, Posted by , In Z3X box Section, With 14 Comments


how do i convert G935F to G935FD. I want to use 2 sims.


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  1. wagny says:
    rn raza78 >

    rnhow do i convert G935F to G935FD. I want to use 2 sims.


    Change pcb to get dual sim support

  2. tavenger5 says:

    My brother took his G935F to a shop and they did it. Search youtube and you will see its possible.

  3. TechWorld says:

    impossible bro,……..
    nyou should change the devices

  4. tavenger5 says:

    It is not impossible ,Please do some research before saying its not possible. i will take out pics and post this week.

  5. tavenger5 says:

    brother you have single sim set, so how you say about convert it to dual sim??
    ncan you explain us little

  6. Phil says:

    kindly google it and you will see.

  7. Jaydude says:

    G935F and G935D use same pcb Along with all readers there, you can activate in z3x.

  8. Phil says:

    write Slave IMEI (Along with Cert), SIM2 will be activated!
    nYou can do by this way: read Cert from phone, edit Cert file, add IMEI2 Cert data like IMEI1, write to phone!

  9. Phil says:

    i also have a sm-g935f Samsung s7 edge G935FXXU1DQC2 having Nougat 7.0 from middle east in which VOLTE is not working , i dont want to use 2 sim just VOLTE ,
    nso i want to convert it to India version g935fd , is that possible ?
    nor is there any way to start VOLTE ?

    nurgent reply kindly .

  10. TechWorld says:

    Hello Guys…the mainboard of g935f and g935fd are the same. To change g935f ( single) sim to g935fd (dual), 1st run g935fd software on the unit and write any dual sim imei for the unit…voila. you have dual sim support so just change your sim tray to dual. The same procedure if you want to change dual sim to single sim…i have done it many times.title=smile

  11. tavenger52 says:

    rnWhat software are you using.


  12. chugowa says:

    kindly guys don’t provide any wrong thing about the topic G930F, G935F – double IMEI in "Repair"? yours same topic already have discussion Along with solution.

    nBefore hesitation, use search the button working properly for solution.

    nBest regard

  13. Bo-Rens says:

    I want the opposite information… How to convert g935fd to g935f to single sim.
    nIt is originally a single sim phone but it been ruined by sw and now it shows g935fd…dual sim options too.
    nkindly to be helped

  14. TechGuru says:

    Sorted it was the NV data