How to remove Google account from SM-J727U

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How to remove Google account from SM-J727U

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Step # 1
-to know about the androids version
-How is possible to know about that…?
-power off the cell and turn on using power+ home + vol+
-will be possible to watch some numbers like (7.0/NRD90M/FA70_J727UUVU1AQD1 )
-FA70 belongs to version of android
-J727U Model
-UVU Country code
-and the number would be the binary 1
This case is Androids version 7.0, Binary 1

Step# 2
it is mandatory to have downloaded
-firmware of the cell-phone it has to be the same binary of the combination file J727UUEU1AQF2_J727UOYM1AQF2_XAA
-combination files J727UUVU1AQD1_DeveTool
-Odin or some Box like Octuplus or Z3x
-Drivers of samsung

Step # 3
-to flash the combination. How is possible to do that?
-power off the cell, and turn on again using power+ home+ vol-
-connect the cell to the PC
-charge the combination files to AP in Odin
-click to start button.

Step # 4
-the phone will be rebooting different.
-it is necessary to do a factory reset.

Step # 5
-now we can to flash firmware. (J727UUEU1AQF2_J727UOYM1AQF2_XAA )
-the 4 files Along without to extract nothing from them.. specifically in this case.

Step # 6
-it is very important this step.
-to do a factory reset from the cell-phone.

and the cell-phone will be ready to use … enjoy it…

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