huawei g700-u10 safe mode

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huawei g700-u10 safe mode

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helo ,i have a huawei.g700-u10,,in safe mode,

volume down,key also not working

already formated,,but still,

but when ,try Along with, volune down key,and power,

its normal,,,,but when u restart the set.,again in safe mode,

amy one have ,any trick,

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  1. TechGuru says:

    where experts,of huawei,,,any one have solution

  2. TechGuru says:
    alkhaleejmobile >
    where experts,of huawei,,,any one have solution

    first Repair Vol Down button then try this ..

    – Hold Power button down
    – Select Restart
    – When you see the white screen, press down the volume down button
    until screen changes.
    That worked, I am hoping it will to be helped some people out there because it took me a while to figure this one out.
    good luck!

    Credits to, /threads/cannot-disable-safe-mode.132536/]); href=

  3. Wela says:

    change charging pin and format 100% working