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iPad Mini 1 Digitizer Repair Issue – iphone mobile

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Hi everyone

I really hope someone can shed some light on this for me!
A customer brought an iPad Mini 1 into my store for a Digitizer Repair which is something we do all the time Along with no problems at all.

He had attempted the repair himself before bringing it to me and had done a good job but was having a strange issue, which at first I put down to a bad screen being used.

I then did the repair Along with a new, pre-tested digitizer and found that when closing the iPad after the repair was complete – I had the same issue as him.
When the iPad is open, it all works perfectly but as soon as it is closed and the bottom left corner is stuck down, the Digitizer goes mad (I have a video of this which i can show you via PM).
I have tried 3 digitizers all Along with the same outcome and have triple checked everything inside the iPad – all looks well!

Does anyone have an idea what could cause this?

Thanks, Ryan.

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  1. Wela says:

    i have encountered that same problem before..

    i just change 1 set of digitizer included the home button

    flex and digitizer connector w/ IC..

    problem solve..

  2. TechGuru says:

    Its electrical (capacitive) interference at the bottom of the digitizer, Ive had it loads of times, and the cure is the same every time. See picture below, cut out and place a piece of thin plastic, like the thickness of a cd wallet and place them where the white boxes are, between the digitizer and metal frame, you want to separate the bottom of the digitizer frame and the jittering will stop.