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Ipad4 lcd/ backlight repair – problematic ios stuff

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Hi Friends,

Got a broken ipad4 here Along with broken lcd connector and the preowner soldered in the backlight area i guess.
Anyone can provide schematic for this Special area? Were there coils???

Best regards


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  1. Jaydude says:

    Okay, I found out, that there should be two components like i painted in the picture, but what are they?
    Caps, coils, resistors?


  2. julianz says:

    There were coils i guess title=wink

  3. RandikPixie says:

    Tranks for reply procyone…but you dont know for sure?!
    Hard to find schematic…dont Even know of they are somewhere available for Public.
    I know get error 1 in iTunes of i trY to restore.
    removed the solder and saw, that One Pad ripped Off.
    I can still See the contact for the lower layer.
    Would be more Easy Along with schematic…

  4. wagny says:

    Im almost sure they are two coils FERR-240-OHM-25%-300MA title=wink

  5. kijiji says:

    Okay, do you know for what they are?
    Led backlight, or display?

  6. RandikPixie says:

    LED backlight.
    I think there is no public schematics for ipad 4 title=frown

  7. tavenger52 says:

    Too Bad i know ;(
    Will replace the coils and fpc connector First.
    Maybe i can get it to work again.

  8. TechGuru says:

    Okay, managed to successfully restore the iPad4.
    Seems that the ribboncable from the 3G Module became loose, so i temporally fixed it, by putting a small PCB piece underneath it.
    So next step is to repair the backlight area.
    I did a picture through my microscope an painted in, how i guess the coils were connected.

    Dont know if the left coil is painted proberly because it looks like the trace ripped off from 1.) too 2.).
    But if it were like this, the coil would be useless.
    Any ideas if its right?


  9. kijiji says:

    You have two separated paths here PPLED_REG_A and PPLED_REG_B similary like iPad 3.

  10. kijiji says:

    You are right, fround schematics.
    Thanks for your to be helped.
    I hope i will get it back to work .



  11. kijiji says:


    Device is repaired. Replaced the coils Along with FERR-240-OHM-25%-300MA, soldered LCD Connector and it works title=smile
    Thanks for your to be helped !!!

  12. arminasg says:

    A good work tnx…………