iphone 4 deadwarning temperature failure – iphone issues , with strang thing

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iphone 4 deadwarning temperature failure – iphone issues , with strang thing

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my iphone 4 is now dead.

its water damaged from the bottom just a little

then its working.

then not ON

i changed the bottom flex

iphone is turn on, charge the battery then say: Temperature warning, kindly cold….

and reboot, and not ON again.

I multimeter the battery 3.7V and 2.5V.


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  1. Wela says:

    there is a shortcorcuit on the board, clean it Along with isoprpilic alcohol

  2. newComer says:

    where is shortcircuit? I cleaned the connektors, flex connektors…

    have you got picture?

  3. julianz says:

    look under the shields, and clean Along with tooht brush and isopropilic or in an ultrasonic bath Along with isopropilic and after that Along with tooht brush.

  4. ExpertBuddy says:

    i cleaned by ultrasonic bath, and tooth brush, but nothing…………

    yesterday he say: High temperature, kindly cold…
    today no ON (Along with USB,Along with charger).. nothing.

  5. ExpertBuddy says:

    Anybody have an idea?

  6. newComer says:

    today morning i switch the phone on, then its works!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    what is wrong?

    sometimes working corretly, sometimes temperature warning….

    maybe the battery? or what component?

  7. newComer says:

    Imposssible to tell you what component(s) is causing the problem on a Liquid Ingress Damage Board Along without measuring. However, sounds like one of the cap or coil may suffer high resistance or shorts to the ground. If this the case, a can of freezer spray would do the trick. Otherwise, your fingers may also to be helped, touch across the board slowly while when it is on. Normally, you could able feel the area where is warmer than usual. Hope this to be helped…title=wink

  8. Wela says:

    Its working 1 days Along without sim card.

    Today i put my sim, its worked correctly 2-3 hours, a call 8-9 numbers, i speak Along with my friend, and when i will put off the calling, the phone power off.
    I try power on, but nothing.
    I break 1 hour, and its power on, and now working correctly…

    (I tested, no warming components, board cleaned Along with isopropil alcohol.)

    Maybe the light sensor flex?
    Or the battery?

    The Jack flex (silent button, volume plus-minus) Its breaked, i glue it(now working), but its a different problem, right?

  9. Wela says:

    look at the batt schematic , make jumper by pass the NTC and GAS_GAUGE thermistor tested 100 % by me

  10. TechGuru says:


    put another battery and check again………….

  11. newComer says:

    I am having the same problem Along with my iPhone 4, sometimes I keep getting the warning, sometimes I dont and it works great. Any suggestions?

  12. TechWorld says:

    i replace the battery, but its no good, right?

  13. ExpertBuddy says:

    replace battery new,,,