iPhone 4S network keep searchingwater damage – bundle of problems ! old iphone set software or hardware issue

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iPhone 4S network keep searchingwater damage – bundle of problems ! old iphone set software or hardware issue

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Hello guys

I have iphone 4s it had water damage i cleaned the board in ultrasonic cleaner.all function works fine except Network.It keep searching for network i reset the network setting restore the phone set the time and date but still same.]

When i take sim out it is showing me no sim card but when i put sim card keep searching it gives me signel some time but after some time it goes to searching mode

kindly to be helped me


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  1. Wela says:

    Network area Damaged,have the same problem,no way

  2. TechGuru says:

    i have same problam .. want to be helped ..

  3. Wela says:

    Intermittent signal or No service after water damage

  4. Wela says:

    I have the same problem but if I off 3G it goes to edge Along with no problem.

    I suspect U5_RF U10_RF U11_RF

  5. ExpertBuddy says:

    Try To Set Date & Time ……………….

  6. ExpertBuddy says:


    Did your phone only had no imei? You could check if your phone also had no wifi, no bluetooth and no baseband.

    If yes, then you have the same problem Along with my iphone4.

    My phone never falldown, suddenly when i update to 6.1.3 from 5.1.1, the baseband is corrupt.

    I tried to restore Along with Itunes, ended Along with error -1, that means, apple server have problems Along with verifying the phone baseband.

    Some people said, you can fix the error -1 Along with custom firmware (no BB firmware), and i can say that, yes IT WORKS!. But ONLY restore your firmware, no upgrade or re-install your baseband. So your phone will be always no wifi, no bluetooth, always searching and no baseband, no imei.

    So all i can think is, this is hardware problem. Try re-heat the baseband chip first or replace the BB chip. I havent tried this yet. Since i hope this is software issue, not hardware.

    But as far as i heard, if replace BB chip, IMEI also will be change. What happens Along with apple server, if they check iphone serial number have different IMEI in their database??

  7. Wela says:

    Cut 3g and the phone get signal !

    same problem


    i have a strange probleme Along with an iphone 4s

    water damaged, i clean the mother board Along with isopropanol everything works

    but the carrier stay on searching …

    baseband is ok , imei ok wifi, bluetoo ok.

    if i stop 3G , carrier is ok …i can call /edge is ok !!! if i put 3G stay on search title=frown

    c46_rf was missing .. i do a jump

    i rehot u17_rf but no solve problem

    kindly any solution?

    baseband ic problem?

    thanks a lot title=smile

  8. TechGuru says:

    if it is searching Along with and Along without sim Just connect to itune and install an application ur problem solved……..

  9. TechWorld says:

    check under microscope if you have the blue resistor between the 2 antena connectors. If no, just make a jump Along with a wire. Phone gets signal in secconds

    or check this:

    iphone 4 no signal problem just serching and no servce

    scroll down for the image…..

  10. Wela says:

    same problem here just when i switch on 3g network comes, it seems edge does the problem, can you to be helped

  11. julianz says:

    Hi,pls I also have iPad 4 problem,when I charge it it works perfectly but suddenly goes off and refuse to come on, after several effort to power it on,it will come on again and can work for a day,but later it starts again,can anyone to be helped me solve this problem,its getting me more worried,thanks in advance mates

  12. Wela says:

    same problem but its 4s any solutions

  13. Wela says:

    hey guys,

    i have a similiar problem, but i noticed a small difference.

    it always says searching until i plug the device on my computer and connect it to itunes, than it says locked sim and it wants to be unlocked.
    the phone gets signal and everything is looking good…. until…
    i reboot the phone. Then it says again searching and the game starts over again.
    What i also noticed is, that when it says searching the imei is missing(not visible in general) and my modem firmware is empty. when i do connect the device the imei is fine and also the modem firmware….

    any suggestions?

    thanks a lot