iphone 5 cap – iphone problem , and strang problem

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iphone 5 cap – iphone problem , and strang problem

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Hi can someone to be helped me and tell me where to jump this cap. i was soldering the backlight coil when my holder lifted this cap off along Along with one side pad.thanks

heres the location of the cap

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  1. ExpertBuddy says:

    hi bro.. I can give some starting point using iphone 5 schematic diagram and component layout diagram

    C327 is your problem heres the component layout


    to know where can connect c327 heres schematic diagram


    to check where can jumper the C327 heres the nearest capacitor c320 and c321 but make sure u know the common ground of capacitor before you make jumper. dont make mistake its POWER IC.. check battery connector if shorted before put battery or power supply okey? double check your diagram bro I know u can solve it title=smile


  2. newComer says:

    thanks for the answer but what u mean find the common ground sorry im new to this.thanks

  3. TechWorld says:

    bro heres the pic..get tester and test the two side of C327 to check which line is missing. If supply line missing just make jumper to supply line of C320 or C321 if ground line missing just jumper to ground of C320 or C 321 title=wink


  4. Wela says:

    hi the supply line is missing so would I jumper c327 ground to supply line of c320.thanks

  5. TechWorld says:

    No, no. no!
    If you do this, youll make a short!

    When you replace C327 you connect one side to ground (the intact side on the pcb) but theres the pad missing at the supply-side, correct?

    So you make a jumper from the supply-side of C327 to the supply-side of either C320 or C321.


  6. TechGuru says:

    ok thanks but i dont have cap to replace, could i take off 3gs board

  7. julianz says:

    Have you tried the function Along without that cap?

    On 3GS logic board there is no matching cap. You can find 10µF caps there but the package size is different, you want a 402 package and on 3GS they are 603 which means they are bigger.

  8. ExpertBuddy says:

    is there any on iPhone 4 motherboard

  9. TechGuru says:

    No, same as on 3GS logic board.

    But what about the answer concerning the function Along without this cap?

  10. julianz says:

    its connected to pmic, but is still working but not tested all functions yet

  11. Wela says:

    would it be ok to use done Along without cap