Iphone 5 wont work on battery ! new ios

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Iphone 5 wont work on battery ! new ios

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I have iphone 5, wont work on battery. Ive checked connector and voltage is ok. When i plug in charger it restarts on logo just like it was connect Along without battery. Iphone dont see battery and i dont know why. kindly to be helped

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  1. julianz says:

    Check FL10 and FL11 if they are missing or broken,
    You can jumper them

    If all is fine, then check if there is a shortcut on the + and – at your logicboard battery connector.
    When there is a low resistance it means your board is shorted.

  2. Phil says:

    |Thanks. Ive checked Fl10 and FL11 and they are fine… i dont have shortcut on battery connector. Battery is full charged. Maybe other ideas?

  3. Ann Elmore says:

    Did you try an other battery?
    Is this a water damaged phone?
    Did you try to restore the ios?

  4. ExpertBuddy says:

    Only battery connector fault….battry not attach properly …..i think one leg is missing on jack check properly bro ur priblem is solved…………….only thanks button Pleasez…

  5. Wela says:

    ive checked voltage on TP4 and it is present so i think that battery connector is ok