iphone 5s add fingerprint failed – iphone mobile problem

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iphone 5s add fingerprint failed – iphone mobile problem

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hi to all related person, may i aspect the solution for iphone 5s fingerprint, when i try to add fingerprint its directly showing failed message, i restore latest ios 7.0.4, replace home button Along with fingerprint full 2pcs, replace charging connector Along with flex full set 2pcs but no response. even i try from another working device also no response always showing same error failed.

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  1. Wela says:

    same here, tried another button Along with senzor + charger flex, i still get error while adding fingerprint

  2. Wela says:

    I looked on the web for more info… things got bad title=frown

    Apparently Apple pairs each individual Touch ID sensor cable to each individual iPhone it’s installed in. If you remove a Touch ID sensor from an iPhone 5s, and install it in another, identical iPhone 5s, that sensor will fail to work.

    Just changed a sensor that wa not recognising finger print Along with one from a new phone, i got : FAIL.

    kindly, if anyone knows how to resolve ( i have 3 iphones already and they keep comming )

  3. TechGuru says:

    same problem here, replaced the complete flex two times and FAIL is always coming up when trying to register a new fingerprint. Waiting for a solution.

  4. TechWorld says:

    for now no solution , even if the flex is original but not from same iphone , it will fail …
    where is the old flex ?

  5. julianz says:

    hello there same problem finngerprint failed i have three phone same issue

  6. newComer says:

    waiting for an expert.

  7. TechGuru says:

    change the full lcd from the orignal device.