Iphone 5s itunes error 14 ios 813 – & iphone now what

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Iphone 5s itunes error 14 ios 813 – & iphone now what

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Iphone 5s Come to me only for update latest version 8.1.3 .simple i restore Along with latest itunes verion .process goes to started little bit go but bitween its goves 14 error ..also i delete thies files ..System Drive:/Users/Your Username/App Data/Apple Computer/iTunes/iPhone Software Updates .but same problem gives 14 error . also i changes 3 diffrents Computers, cables, but same problem . and Iphone is fresh condition come to me juts for upgration.. kindly suporter Help ..

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  1. baybee says:

    here is screenshots


  2. baybee says:

    I have same problem error 14 Along with blue screen. How can i fix it ? I didnt replace screen.

  3. arminasg says:


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  4. Ann Elmore says:

    I carefully remove glue around U6 ic, trying to avoid damage to U6_RF (first ic on the right side when looking image above, you want to use microscope and hot air), then i remove U6 ic Along with hot air. After removing ic, i clean the rest of the glue and refresh solder points on board.

    I find another iPhone 5s board Along with 100% working U6
    Carefully remove glue, remove ic, clean it and reball it and solder it back on board Along with error 14.

    Then i try restore from DFU mode and finally success.

    Now iPhone works normal, no blue screen or any other problem.

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  5. qwerty305 says:

    helow members .My problem is Not blue screen .. when i restore it give 14 error and set goes to recovery mode .. i chk On 3 diffrents Iphone 5s . All are same error . and also I chk 3 difrets Computersan Difrents cables . Alao i I downloads 8.1.3 firmware difrents sites .. Please to be helped

  6. baybee says:

    1. Delete the previously down*loaded software update file which you will find in this loca*tion depend*ing on your system:

    Mac: /users//Library/iTunes/iPhone Soft*ware Updates

    Windows XP: System Drive:/Doc*u*ments and Settings/Application Data/Apple Computer/iTunes/iPhone Soft*ware Updates

    Windows 7: System Drive:/Users/Your Username/App Data/Apple Computer/iTunes/iPhone Software Updates

    If you faced the error while upgrading your iPad or iPod, the last location path will change:

    ../iTunes/iPod Software Updates or ../iTunes/iPad Software Updates

    2. Now, restart iTunes & begin the update again. This time iTunes will download a fresh copy of software update file.

    If you’re trying to restore by using the downloaded iOS 7.0.2 IPSW file:

    1. Re-download the IPSW file.

    2. Now, restore to this newly downloaded IPSW file via iTunes.

    All done

  7. arminasg says:

    Damn!…I am also facing this issue, yesterday I tried to restore 2 4s and 1 5s to latest ios version but now they are stucked to restore mode and giving error 14 always during restore.
    Dont know whats happening…
    Done already
    1. re installed itunes
    2- re downloaded the firmware
    3. changed cable
    4. disabled antivirus firewall
    done the basic things already…
    this is the first time I am facing this issue, dont know whats the problem! every week or so I have to restore couple of devices…never faced this problem..
    kindly suggest any soln

  8. arminasg says:

    lol…sorry I fixed the issue myself…the problem was Along with the firmware…i checked the md5 found different…so re-downloaded the firmware again title=big and verified the md5