Is g950f supported warranty void 1? [Answered]

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Is g950f supported warranty void 1? [Answered]

On November 1, 2020, Posted by , In General, With 6 Comments

Is g950f supported warranty void 1?

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  1. igglo7pays says:

    its binary version SM-G950F_BIT09

  2. kijiji says:

    Model name: Sm-g950f
    nhardware: Samsungexynos8895
    nbl version: G950fxxs9dtea
    nap version: G950fxxs9dtea
    ncp version: G950fxxs9dte1
    ncsc version: G950fevr9dte1
    nandroid version: 9
    nbuild date: Fri may 15 11:51:16 kst 2020
    ncountry: Uk
    nsales code: Evr
    nphone carrier: Evr
    nserial number: Rf8j537qryy
    ndebug level: 0x4f4c
    nkernel status : Enforcing
    nwarranty void: .1

  3. julianz says:

    want to unlock network lock.

  4. Ann Elmore says:

    Hello. Along with knox 0x1 you cannot run diag method. So you can try mar2020 method and post result here.

  5. kijiji says:

    What’s "mar2020" ? a member ?

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  6. sulmanz says:

    Press read codes button. And you will see different unlock methods.