Lacking storage booting in J260F – Problem

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Lacking storage booting in J260F – Problem

On July 12, 2019, Posted by , In General, With 3 Comments

I got this warning message which is saying Lacking storage booting function in recovery menu Once hit
Lacking storage booting function in recovery menu it saying your phone will reboot and backup your data. Then i made hard reset ( i used this method for hard reset ) to fix this Lacking storage booting issue, but still same problem exists. My phone starts then again automatically restarts, i am looking help from experts.

Lacking storage booting in J260F

image for solution of Lacking storage booting in J260F

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  1. Jogi says:

    error message of J260F Lacking storage booting solution

    i came to know following solution . a) its used to get your storage access as Samsung says to backup your documents you want when mobile boots and perform a factory reset. b)Actually , this option used when mobile is having any booting problem or heavy storage issues.

    One thing more, later on instead resetting the device you can also do instead of resetting and after using “storage lack booting”:
    * Delete documents from your phone (S9+)
    * Go to recovery mode
    * Mount/system
    * clear cache

  2. Samsung Expert says:

    in your phone there should be backup reboot option , which is used to if your phone’s space have no area to place boot up files .

  3. The Techie says:

    Well its strange that, this issue really happen and specially in Samsung phones, According to my experience Android phone’s internal memory which is used for booting and becomes full with log data or something else that’s why it stuck to boot up. Although its not very common but yes your Android phone can’t start due to storage issues,
    on other hand i found this issue mostly on Samsung devices,

    The solution in this situation will be to make a reset via the recovery software which you may find on the device.