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Model: LMX210CM

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Elapsed: 1 secs. –> (v9.76)

Mode: Normal
Model: LMX210CM
Build version: Dec 4 201918:37:43Oct 24 201907:00:00LMX210CM
SW Version: MPSS.JO.3.0.c12-00036-8937_GENNS_PACK-1.220702.1.229846.1
IMEI: 355513105xxxxx-8
IMEI2: 00000000000000-0
BlueTooth Address: 00:00:01:02:26:00
Phone Code:
Elapsed: 1 secs. –> (v9.76)

Checking Login and Password… OK
Ballance: 20 crd.
You have 20 credit(s) left. This operation takes 5 credits.Continue? Yes
Check adb server status… OK
Search LG Modem port…
Detected LG Modem port at COM12
Read data from phone…
Check adb server status… OK
Checking adb…
SW Version: X210CM20l
Searching server…
Waiting for server answer… error(1)
Server error: X210 v20 is not supported
Bad response from server
Elapsed: 22 secs. –> (v9.76)

kindly my Help

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