n9208 frp 7.0 google account

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n9208 frp 7.0 google account

On January 28, 2018, Posted by , In Z3X box Section, With 7 Comments

Hold Vol down and press POWER ON for 2-3 seconds
Checking phone at COM4 OK
Phone detected, do not release Vol down
Reading data from phone… OK
Release Vol down now
Comparing selected model… model mismatch ()

Done Along with Samsung Tool PRO v.28.8.1

to be helped me team


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  1. Metaton says:
    rn rn – addition support SM-N9208 (Reset FRP via UART cable)
    n- addition support SM-N920A (Reset FRP via UART cable)rn rn

    supported but error
    nto be helped me thanks

  2. RandikPixie says:

    any member can to be helped this error thanks

  3. Phil says:

    Maybe your phone have not ufs memory
    nIts happent some time same phone diffrent memory

  4. Metaton says:


    nexact model thanks

  5. Wela says:

    flash 6.01
    nand reset frp again.
    nif not to be helped
    nflash 6.01 then flash sboot Sboot
    nthen reset again z3x

    n100% done to me.

  6. TechGuru says:

    Colleague, find a solution to the problem. I have the same model for Google account.(SM-N9208D android 7.0).I can not downgrade it gives me a error.