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Need J737s combination

On May 16, 2019, Posted by , With 1 Comment

hey all……….I want combination file sm-j737s.
if someone have it..share in here.

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  1. RandikPixie says:
    rn Den >
    hey all……….I want combination file sm-j737s.
    nif someone have it..share in here.


    nalso want this file.

    nfound it ?


N960u at&t sim puk can't unlock my phone


i HAVE A NOTE 9 N960U AT&T LOCKED CARRIER WIT SIM network PIN blocked. Enter SIM network PUK. So i bought NCK code from a source, the code that i received is NCK, MCK and RGCK. But when i put the NCK phone said that the code is incorect. I contacted the source and they told me to use first MCK code then imediatelly NCK to unlock my phone, i tried it but result is the same.

Can anyone to be helped me Along with this problem? Can i unlock this phone?

Need some ideas for restarting problem !

N910p v.5.1.1. comes Along with blank imei, unknown baseband, restarting condition..
made mistakes by flashing it (same ver).
Now stuck on optimizing app, before finishing then restart again & again.
I want to bypass it so i can enter the menu, turn on adb, then write certificate..