Nokia 6708 hang done – issues in nokia hardware

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Nokia 6708 hang done – issues in nokia hardware

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Unit: Nokia 6708 hang on NOKIA logo


  • V3 usb cable
  • Nokia 6708 Service tool v1.8


  • Extract Nokia6708ServiceTool_V1.8_Setup.rar
  • Install Nokia6708ServiceTool_V1.8_Setup.exe
  • PASTE KMPASSPORT.txt IN TOOL DIRECTORY (C:Program FilesNOKIA6708Nokia6708_ServiceTool_V1.8_Along with_do cumentNokia6708_ServiceTool_V1.8 )
  • MAKE A FOLDER IN C:Program FilesNOKIA6708Nokia6708_ServiceTool_V1.8_Along with_do cumentNokia6708_ServiceTool_V1.8
    • Name it: retrieve

  • Then copy image forder to C:Program FilesNOKIA6708Nokia6708_ServiceTool_V1.8_Along with_do cumentNokia6708_ServiceTool_V1.8
  • Then flash phone..
  • Run Nokia6708_ServiceTool_V1.8.exe
  • WELCOME MESSAGE press ok
  • In Tools select Pure Download
  • In Image Directory select this file (KONB2A133014.img)
    C:Program FilesNOKIA6708Nokia6708_ServiceTool_V1.8_Along with_do cumentNokia6708_ServiceTool_V1.8imageKONB2A1330 14.img
  • Then select retrieve directory
    C:Program FilesNOKIA6708Nokia6708_ServiceTool_V1.3_Along with_do cumentNokia6708_ServiceTool_V1.3RETRIEVE EMPTY FOLDER
  • Then press download
  • Then press yes
  • Press ok
  • Then close message box..
  • Then insert USB to phone
  • Wait till finished

DOWNLOAD FLASHER HERE: Nokia 6708 Service Tools


here logs:

while flashing:

heres finished product:

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  1. RandikPixie says:

    every time i connect phone it shows usb device not recognised

  2. chugowa says:

    worked….thanks .

  3. Metaton says:

    thkssss nokia 6708 full setup