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Note 9 | Cert Patch, Root and Update … Help

On September 22, 2020, Posted by , In General, With Comments Off on Note 9 | Cert Patch, Root and Update … Help

I want to be helped and guidance on some things regarding N960F/DS.
My phone was rooted Along with magisk on android pie, so when i flashed the android 10 Q rom via odin and everything was fine except i didnt have any network and my IMEI status was NG. While the IMEI number was ok for both sims. I knw that you have to patch certificates in order to fix the network. I didnt have the tools so i got it fixed from a shop.
Now i want to know a few things.
1) can i somehow update the firmware Along without having to go through all the root process and having to patch certificate ??
I found this video where this guy patched the AP file Along with magisk manager and just flashed the files via odin ??
will this method work Along with note 9 ?? and do i want to do any other extra steps ?? i also read about fireflash in the S7 forum, will that method work ??
2) if i backup this rom and incase i get a IMEI NG problem will i be able to just restore the rom ?? or will i have to patch the certificates again ??
3) is there any other workaround of patching certificate ?? are there patched modems available for note 9 ??? can i backup certificates ?? is there a permanent solution to this ??
4) which is the best tool to patch certificate ?? chimera ?? Z3X?? or any other ?? and do they support the latest android 10 security patch ??


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