Phone board free analog ZXW Download New v1.5.1 Windows released

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Phone board free analog ZXW Download New v1.5.1 Windows released

On June 14, 2020, Posted by , In iPhone, With 12 Comments


Phone board free analog ZXW

Just now, flipping through on the #tag #iphone repair stumbled upon the display of the phone board program
, downloaded from the phone site , works Along with out an Internet, is free of cost,
I even found it more convenient than the ZXW, the day off today,

so I did not sit Along with it, only looked like it worked.

Old version v 1.0.0 : Download

New version 1.2.0 released

* This version 1.2.0 updates files for the IPhone 8 & IPhone 8+.
* More feature Samsung S7 Edge board file.
* Now search bar is case insensitive.
* Extra active pin color settings.
* Now the display can be divided vertically.

Note: This software can install another system & check it
if you are agree & not working problem then install it to your personal system .

New version: Download v 1.2.0

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12 Comments so far:

  1. Ann Elmore says:
    rn mihut
    Dear Please use WIN 32BIT & TRY AGIAN

    Fix kernel32 dll error when installing Solution

  2. Metaton-alfred says:
    Phoneboard 1.3.0

    New v1.3.0:

    n* Initial .brd file loading support (beta preview)

    n * Screw Holes board files

    n* You can now toggle sides Along with the TAB key

    phoneboard-v1.3.0-win32 : Download

  3. arminasg says:

    In this update:

    n* Added Arabic language (Translation: Haytham Hamdi)
    n * Added Danish language (Translation: Olgerd Novakovski)
    n * Union Repair – our sponsor!
    nAttached Files Attached Files

    New version 1.3.1 released : Download

  4. sulmanz says:

    Here is a very interesting review of the software, they compare it against ZXWTool.

  5. Metaton-alfred says:

    kindly add iphone 7 intel board, and there is no component name in iphone 7 + intel board.

  6. newComer says:

    Thanks Nice Job Hope You get Best Reword For this

  7. killu says:

    Truly – thank you very much for this post , this piece of software is absolutely fantastic!

  8. tavenger52 says:

    * Fixed ‘F’ shortcut key prevented writing in the search box.
    * First macOS beta release!

    New version V1.4.2 released : Download

  9. sulmanz says:

    iphone 7 intel board no complet

  10. ExpertBuddy says:



    • Update settings dialog.


    nmacOS Fix font size.
    nReset rotation before loading a new board.

    iPhone 6 820-3486-A

    • C1271 misspelled as R1271_RF. Reported by Ruuben Vuolasranta.
    • C5217_RF misspelled as R5217. Reported by Ruuben Vuolasranta.
    • C5212_RF misspelled as R5212. Reported by Ruuben Vuolasranta.
    • C5208_RF misspelled as R5208_RF. Reported by Ruuben Vuolasranta.
    • L5123_RF misspelled as C5123_RF. Reported by Ruuben Vuolasranta.
    • C5211-RF misspelled as L5211_RF. Reported by Ruuben Vuolasranta.
    • R5131_RF misspelled as R51316_RF. Reported by Ruuben Vuolasranta.
    • U5201_RF misspelled as U5301_RF.
    • U1703 misspelled as J1703.
    • R5317_RF misspelled as R5217_RF. Reported by @vladwpf.
    • R5319_RF misspelled as R5218_RF. Reported by @vladwpf.
    • R5318_RF misspelled as R5218_RF. Reported by @vladwpf.
    • R5316_RF misspelled as R5216_RF. Reported by @vladwpf.
    • R2405 misspelled as R2403. Reported by @vladwpf.

    iPhone 6 Plus 820-3675-A

    • C0721-2 is named as C0721-1.
    • C5411_RF-1 Wrong shape.
    • C5411_RF-2 Wrong shape.
    • U5411_RF Ball sizes aren’t uniform.
    • Net BATTERY_SWI misspelled as BAATTERY_SWI. Reported by @berrytechnics
    • Net AP_TO_TIGRIS_SWI misspelled as AAP_TO_TIGRIS_SWI. Reported by @berrytechnics
    • IC U2201 misspelled as C2201.

    iPhone 6S Plus 820-00040-A

    nUTRIP_RF Pins 3, 4, 8, 9 shapes are rounded and must be square.
    nU_VOX_RF Pins 1, 4-8, 13, 16-22, 26 shapes are rounded and must be square.
    nF5202_RF misspelled as FL5202_RF
    nF5202_RF Pins 4, 5, 6 shapes are rounded and must be square.
    niPhone 7 820-00188-08 Qualcomm
    nSE2LDO_RF misspelled as SE2LD0_RF.

    macOS Add Menu.

    nAdd IC Mark in iPhone 6 820-3486-A
    nAdd IC Mark in iPhone 6 Plus 820-3675-A
    nAdd IC Mark in iPhone 6S 820-5507-A
    nAdd IC Mark in iPhone 6S Plus.
    nAdd IC Mark in iPhone 7 820-00188-08

    New version 1.4.3 released : Download

  11. wagny says:

    Hi guys, any of you kindly can you just link it the DMG file for mac for me kindly?
    nI have a Mac and i wanted to download the MAC version, but i can not really find the DMG file or the app file for it.

  12. kijiji says:

    Sent dmg to private message title=smile