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Samsung A520F failed to mount/efs

On May 23, 2019, Posted by , With 2 Comments

Stuck on bootloop A520F and when enter recovery its says failed to mount /efs
In download mode says that i have OEM LOCK ON and cant root or anything to do.Tried combination firmware but same thing bootloop(stuck on logo) title=confusedtitle=confusedtitle=confusedtitle=confused

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  1. tavenger5 says:

    i hv same problem
    rnany solution

  2. TechGuru says:
    rn beda156
    i hv same problem
    nany solution

    Hello, if the phone after doing the firmware flash remains locked on the samsung logo or in recovery mode Along with an error that appears on the phone display having the phone in recovery mode

    nThis is the error that appears
    nE: failed to mount / efs (invalid argument)

    nIn this case it is the damaged efs folder and to start the phone in normal mode it is necessary to flash the efs Along with odin or Along with octopus box or z3x or any other box that supports writing the efs for the A520f model

    nYou can find at this link to free download the efs folder of a520f