samsung g361h no display

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samsung g361h no display

On June 17, 2020, Posted by , In Samsung Android Phones, With 14 Comments

samsung g361h no display phone working perfect but no display any body have soltion Pleasezzzz share here

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  1. wagny says:

    kindly give more details. As this problem may be software and hardware..
    nWhen u power on the phone u see samsung logo?

  2. julianz says:

    samsung g361h no display yet
    n phone working perfect but no display
    ni try software ok
    ni change onther lcd same broplem
    ni use avometer useing onther board same problem
    ni try all ways but no display title=frown any body have soltion Pleasezzzz

  3. Bo-Rens says:

    same problem, schematic?

  4. kijiji says:

    same problem by schematic
    ni working in company and i have 3 mobile Along with this problem

  5. arminasg says:

    I have same problem G361h blank Screen set working fine I flash many files but same result screen blank any solution still waiting.

  6. killu says:

    i have this problem,
    rnbut this phone yankee

  7. baybee says:

    G361h no display after flash phone working perfect but no display

  8. wagny says:

    hi i have this problem, want LCD Display schematic, want to Jumper Ways for IC Problem. tnx

  9. RandikPixie says:


    njust remove register..and make jumper..

  10. RandikPixie says:

    tnx anjuman, i do it but Does not work. my lcd work well but its Along without any light. It Can be seen Under strong light, Difficulty

  11. Phil says:

    Flash Along with this file 100% tested by me

  12. chugowa says:


    rnjust remove register..and make jumper..[/QUOTE]
    rn iwll try its working thankstitle=smiletitle=smiletitle=smiletitle=smiletitle=smile

  13. RandikPixie says:
    rn harispk35 border=0 alt= />
    flash Along with this file
    n100% tested by me

    so many thanks bro. it 100000% works