Samsung G570F IMEI 0000 Security Damaged

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Samsung G570F IMEI 0000 Security Damaged

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How to Solve G570F IMEI 0000 Security Damaged

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  1. RandikPixie says:

    same issue

    nany to be helped ??

  2. sulmanz says:

    Operation: Patch Certificate
    nSelected model: SM-G570F
    nSoftware version: 27.2

    nWaiting ADB device… Ok
    nReading phone info…
    nModel: SM-G570F
    nAndroid version: 6.0.1
    nProduct code:
    nPhone version: G570FXXU1APJ3
    nPDA version: G570FXXU1APLC
    nCSC version: G570FOJV1APIB
    nCSC country code: UAE
    nCSC sales code: XSG
    nHW version:
    nPhone SN: R28J11D5L1T
    nChip name: EXYNOS7570
    nModem board: SHANNON305
    nRF cal date:
    nChecking Super user right… true
    nReading NV data… Ok
    nChecking NV data… error
    nSecurity damaged (1)

    nDone Along with Samsung Tool PRO v.27.2

  3. newComer says:
    rn m4m
    Operation: Patch Certificate
    rnSelected model: SM-G570F
    rnSoftware version: 27.2

    rnWaiting ADB device… Ok
    rnReading phone info…
    rnModel: SM-G570F
    rnAndroid version: 6.0.1
    rnProduct code:
    rnPhone version: G570FXXU1APJ3
    rnPDA version: G570FXXU1APLC
    rnCSC version: G570FOJV1APIB
    rnCSC country code: UAE
    rnCSC sales code: XSG
    rnHW version:
    rnPhone SN: R28J11D5L1T
    rnChip name: EXYNOS7570
    rnModem board: SHANNON305
    rnRF cal date:
    rnChecking Super user right… true
    rnReading NV data… Ok
    rnChecking NV data… error
    rnSecurity damaged (1)

    rnDone Along with Samsung Tool PRO v.27.2

    patch cert not working correctly for this model. so this function was removed.
    rnat this moment not solution. don’t lose your time.