samsung [g935f] s7edge fast charging not working

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samsung [g935f] s7edge fast charging not working

On May 30, 2019, Posted by , With 1 Comment

good afternoon, any body have an idea about samsung fast charging not working. Any bbody can to be helped me to solve thise problem. thanks

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  1. kijiji says:

    USB port problem just replaces flex and will work ok. If not battery damaged exchange and will work again fast charge.


I have a samsung g610f that came hanging on logo.I then tried to flash it using z3x and it failed in the middle of flashng.Now when i try to enter into download mode it just shows power reset or unknown upload mode.At times it shows FORCED UPLOAD by key pressing.I have also tried to use the download mode jig and the 300k tool to try and enforce the download mode Along without success.Can anyone point me in the right direction to repair this j7 prime

I'ts possible encrypt rooted S8 (G950F) 9.0?

Hi, i wanna do root in G950F on 9.0 Pie (G950FXXU4DSD6). But from what i read, there may be a problem Along with encryption after root. Is there any way to enable encryption?