samsung G935P FRP reset Done

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samsung G935P FRP reset Done

On January 28, 2018, Posted by , In Z3X box Section, With 3 Comments

No boot loop. no any other problems after reset.
blang is a wizardtitle=big. I mean he is incredibly a great man!

Checking local file… Ok
Searching server… not found
Searching USB Flash interface… COM30 detected
Setup connection… Ok
Reading data from phone… Ok
Sending data to phone… Ok
Waiting ADB device… Ok
Reading phone info…
Model: SM-G935P
Android version: 6.0.1
Product code: Not Active
Phone version: G935PVPS4APK1
PDA version: G935PVPS4APK1
CSC version: G935PSPT4APK1
CSC country code: USA
CSC sales code: SPR
HW version: REV0.7
Phone SN: 00000000000
Chip name: MSM8996
Modem board: MSM8996
RF cal date: 2016.11.25
Checking Super user right… true
Erasing FRP… Ok
Checking local file… Ok
Searching server… Ok
Compare local and server file… OK (up to date)
Restoring kernel… Ok
Rebooting phone… Ok
Reset FRP done
Done Along with Samsung Tool PRO v.27.8

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  1. Ann Elmore says:

    Operation: Reset FRP
    nSelected model: SM-G935P
    nSoftware version: 30.5

    nWaiting ADB device… OK
    nReading phone info…
    nModel: SM-G935P
    nAndroid version: 7.0
    nProduct code: Not Active
    nPhone version: G935PVPU5BQJ3
    nPDA version: G935PVPU5BQJ3
    nCSC version: G935PSPT5BQJ3
    nCSC country code: USA
    nCSC sales code: SPR
    nHW version: REV0.7
    nPhone SN: 00000000000
    nChip name: MSM8996
    nModem board: MSM8996
    nSecurity patch: 2017-10-01
    nRF cal date: 2016.09.22
    nIMEI: 357090073839690
    nBypass FRP… OK
    nFor complete reset FRP, goto ‘Backup and reset’ and make ‘Factory data reset’
    nDone Along with Samsung Tool PRO v.30.5

  2. kijiji says:

    ni think he’s a wizard