Samsung gear s3 reactivation lock

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Samsung gear s3 reactivation lock

On October 3, 2020, Posted by , In General, With 14 Comments

Hi. I have SAMSUNG GEAR S3 (Model: R765)
I have Reactivation Lock.
I want try bypass it.
I want combination firmware and official firmware.
And in the samsung tool pro a dont see R765, I see R760 Only in the Z3x Shell. I from Russia, sorry my bad English. kindly to be helped me!

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  1. qwerty305 says:

    nBe VERY carefully Along with SM-R765 family/group…

    nNO valid Firmware leaked… nearly all obsolete

    nRollback Prevention!

    nSoftware Revision Check!!!

    nThere are whole alphabet from SM-R765… title=roll

    nWhich one you have exactly?
    nSM-R765S or SM-R765L or SM-R765K from Korea?

    nSM-R765A ATT
    nSM-R765T TMB
    nSM-R765F XSP
    nSM-R765V Verizon
    nSM-R765N New Zealand?

    nVnimanie… title=big
    nOchen plocho igrat drugoje Proschifki… title=big

    nMoschno lamat title=big title=embarrasment title=eek!

    nPM me… if you want.
    nMaybe we could try something…

    nBest Regards

  2. tavenger52 says:

    I have SM-R765 (In odin) and i Have SM-R765S (Under Cover)

  3. TechWorld says:

    For SM-R765S the Korean variant…
    nI have only FOTA packages…
    ncm.bin and sboot.bin as FULL Images…

    NO Firmware
    NO Combination Firmware leaked.

    nWrong Firmware kills SM-R765… examples:…r765s-t3665558

    nOn this SM-R765S is WRONG BQC2 Combination Firmware flashed = DEAD…rdown-t3659431

    nHere on SM-R765F user flashed SM-R765T[/COLOR] = DEAD

    SM-R765F Firmware available… but OLD obsolete Software Revision 1 only. But he want Software Revision 2title=roll

    Best Regards

  4. Jaydude says:

    RL is in STEADY partition…
    nSM-R720 and SM-R732 in p14
    nSM-R760 and SM-R770 in p15
    nSM-R765CRAP and SM-R775 seems p16

    nAlong with Combination Firmware no problem to write empty 256 KB… title=big
    nAlong with SDB over WiFi…

    nBut for SM-R765S nothing available. title=frown

    nThe only IDEA… because NOT tested by me nor feedback from others…

    nLook at Pics…
    npartition.pit from SM-R775A as example…

    nYou see STEADY is filename –
    n… only 1 time –
    nIn Gear S2 more then 1 -… so not good idea to try…

    nNO idea if Combination Firmware mandatory…
    nNO idea if RISK to kill/brick or trigger Knox…


    kindly dump/read your PIT from SM-R765S…
    nSo we could try to compare… if 1:1 or different…

    nBest Regards

  5. igglo7pays says:

    Usefull… IMHO.

    nIf PIT file is dumped/readed from SM-R765S…

    nAnd infos from Odin screen… like Photo…

    nHere Warranty void is not more:

    0 (0x0000)

    In line Along with AP SWREV… Software Revision:


    Maybe you can upload Photo from yours…

    nBest Regards

  6. baybee says:

    If Software Revison 1…

    nThen few Combination Firmware floating around:


    Samsung SM-R765V

    R765N Product SW / COMBINATION File | GSM FirmWare

    Not tested if good idea to flash from SM-R765V Verizon or SM-R765N Newzealand…Best Regards

  7. Jaydude says:

    In Z3X support…


    For SM-R775V and SM-R775T…

    nSM-R765A Combination Firmware looks corrupt… because only 170 MB

    nBut same problem…
    nSoftware Revision 1 …

    nAnd no idea if good to try… title=embarrasment

    Own risk!

    nBest Regards

  8. qwerty305 says:

    nHow easy it is, if Combination Firmware is available.
    nBecause ROOT…

    nThen easy Along with SDB Tool Along with WiFi only.

    nBest Regards

  9. Phil says:
    AP_R775TUVU1BQL1_usr.tar.md5 nBL_R775TUVU1BQL1_usr.tar.md5 nCP_R775TUVU1BQL1_CL671756_QB8299983_SIGNED.tar.md5 nCSC_TMB_R775TTMB1BQL1_usr.tar.md5

    nTeam from pars_hamrah were able to offer latest Tizen 3 Firmware for SM-R775T TMB…

    nSo in theory not impossible… as it seems.

    nBest Regards

  10. baybee says:

    R_Series | GSM FirmWare

    nMaybe contact them via Telegram or Whatsapp or…

    nThey offered latest SM-R765A ATT Firmware…

    nSo maybe Korean SM-R765 Firmware is not sooo far…

    nI have since monthSSSS no luck… title=frown
    Request Firmware for SM-R765F and SM-R765(S))

    nBest Regards

  11. TechWorld says:…-part1-3119898

    nThis is how the SM-R765 looks inside…

    nYou have 2 ways to connect USB cable.

    nPOGO Connector in Rear Case/Back Cover

    nDirect to PBA/PCB

    nLook here as an example for Variant A:…rdown-t3659431

    nBest Regards

  12. tavenger5 says:

    SM-R765 user have luck… because external POGO connector inside:
    nRear Case/Back Cover

    nIn theory this should also fit to SM-R760

    nSo maybe somebody could to be helped to identify part number kindly.

    nThanx in advance.

    nAttached Pics… to illustrate 2 Variants of USB connection.

    nBest Regards

  13. Wela says:

    have also a gear s3 frontier sm-r760 locked to samsung accound.any way to bypass the activation?

  14. sulmanz says:

    nTiny mistake… my fault…
    nI have forgotten to pre add:

    sdb shell

    I hope this time Batch files okay… title=smile

    nBest Regards