Samsung GT-S5600 Sim Error

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Samsung GT-S5600 Sim Error

On January 20, 2015, Posted by , In Samsung Android Phones, With Comments Off on Samsung GT-S5600 Sim Error

This model displays an error on start-up, to insert a SIM to connect to the network
I have tried this to get rid of this error
(a) inserted multiple SIM card and they all fail
(b) Packed out SIM Along with paper to increase thickness to gain better contact Along with PCB pins
(c) Disassembled phone to remove circuit board to check pin alignment
They didnt appear damaged in any way. At the same time cleaned pins

None of this cured the problem
Oddly enough I uploaded the latest Samsung firmware upgrade, the mobile worked for a few days until I decided to change the SIM for another network provider
Inserting a new SIM led me to this permanant error message.

Mobile works fine on my Wi-fi system minus the SIM

Any ideas anyone ?
Could this firmware update be the culprit

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  1. TechGuru says:

    Apologies the model number should read Samsung GT-S6500 (Galaxy Mini2)