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Samsung J600G no download mode

On May 12, 2019, Posted by , With 3 Comments

Hi i have 2 j600g
the first one i can put in download mode no problem only volume + volume – and cable , it is in 9.0 version

the second one i tryed everything but i cannot put in download mode , even Along with fastboot commands or in recovery menu , and it is in 9.0 version too
has anyone faced this problem ? and anyone have solution ?

thanks in advance

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  1. julianz says:


    nEveryday i face the same issue Along with Samsung new model phone, after flash unknown CSC / HOME_CSC, set will be restart problem !!!

    nYou have now want to do connect USB cable, pressing continue V- & Power Key, when set will be restarted, then immediately pressing the Vol+ key pulse by pulse, your phone will be Download mode.

  2. wagny says:

    didn’t work Along with my phone

  3. Bo-Rens says:

    I think your phone MDM protection, and as far as I know only paid solution can solve your problem… Be aware lots of scammers around find a good supplier..