samsung tab p585 frp not done

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samsung tab p585 frp not done

On January 25, 2018, Posted by , In Z3X box Section, With 2 Comments

flashed combination files than reset frp by z3x reset device through setting menu and through 3 key method flashed stock firmware downloaded by support but still it showing frp on
z3x says bypass frp done goto setting and reset device
Please to be helped….!!

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  1. baybee says:

    used this combination file- COMBINATION_OJV_FA60_P585JXU2AQE1

    nOperation: Reset FRP
    nSelected model: SM-P585
    nSoftware version: 30.4

    nYou must activate ADB before reset FRP Yes
    nGoto ‘Terms and conditions’ press ‘NEXT’ and ‘AGREE’ EULA Yes
    nWaiting ADB device… OK
    nReading phone info…
    nModel: SM-P585
    nAndroid version: 6.0.1
    nProduct code: SM-P585NZKAXSG
    nPhone version: P585JXU2BQE3
    nPDA version: FA60_P585JXU2AQE1
    nCSC version:
    nCSC country code:
    nCSC sales code:
    nHW version: MP 0.200
    nPhone SN: R52JB04BPVN
    nChip name: EXYNOS7870
    nModem board: SHANNON315
    nSecurity patch: 2016-08-01
    nRF cal date: 20171102
    nIMEI: 352222xxxxxx330
    nBypass FRP… OK
    nFor complete reset FRP, goto ‘Backup and reset’ and make ‘Factory data reset’
    nDone Along with Samsung Tool PRO v.30.4

    ndid factory data reset, flashed stock firmware but still frp is on

  2. tavenger5 says:

    waiting for to be helped from z3x team