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Samsung universal FRP method

On July 22, 2019, Posted by , With 2 Comments

Hello, i see many people having problem Along with bypassing FRP on Samsung phones.

Here a simple solution, Along without PC, you only want combination and stock firmware

This method works Along with nearly all Europeans Samsung Android 7,8 and some version 9

1- Check the phones bootloaders version (U1, U2,U3,S1,S2,etc..)
2- according to the bootloader version, download the combination and stock firmware you want
3- Flash combination and boot
4- check on Windowss device manager that the phone is ADB detected
4 bis- if you can enable developper settings and OEM unlock, enable it, it will directly remove the FRP lock, and you just have to flash the stock firmware
5-shutdown the phone and go back to download mode
6-Flash the stock firmware Along with those files : BL, AP,CP, HOME_CSC (NOT THE CSC ONE ! very important, its this file which bypass FRP lock)
7-if the phone freezes at the first boot after 5 minutes, just force to reboot.
8-if it always freezes, you will have to bypass it by another way.

Hope it will to be helped you, and make you earn money ….

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  1. tavenger52 says:

    copy that brother thank’s for info…………….


  2. tavenger5 says:

    Sorry, i wanted to say Along without box, not Along without PC