Sm-A202F Flashing Failed

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Sm-A202F Flashing Failed

On October 27, 2020, Posted by , In General, With 2 Comments

Operation: Flash
Selected model: SM-A202F
Software version: 41.3

File analysis… OK
Total file size: 0x14B49732B (5300 Mb)
Searching USB Flash interface… COM9 detected
Setup connection… OK
Reading PIT from phone… OK
Sending sboot.bin.lz4… OK
Sending param.bin.lz4… error timeout

Done Along with Samsung Tool PRO v.41.3

Ned Help

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  1. julianz says:

    Hi, it looks like the firmware that you’re trying to flash has a lower binary signature than the phone’s binary, try Along with this firmware:

  2. qwerty305 says:

    Hello. What error you see on phones screen?