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Sm-A5000 no service.

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Sm-A5000 is showing no service even after using Z3x to reset EFS yet no service. Pls I want to be helped on what to do next?

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  1. RandikPixie says:

    Write from the net or from other phone cert file and check if still same mean hardware problem.

Samsung Sm-J700F Dead

Hi there i receive this phone dead and someone try to flash it Along with wrong firmware and it end up dead. its qualcom based. i send the phone to my friend Along with Jitag so that he can flash it the problem came that the circuit inside differ from other J700f so he was unable to do it. it looks as it want xml file like other qualcom chip. i try to find this file but cant find it..any one Along with that file and more experience Please to be helped me Along with this. when i conect the phone it detect as..Qualcom HS-USB QDLoader 9008

before the phone was dead he told me the firmware was J700FXXU1AOK5

kindly to be helped Along with the file of xml type

thanks in advance

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