SM-G532F IMEI Repair Problem [Done]

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SM-G532F IMEI Repair Problem [Done]

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1. Power on the phone.
2. Enable USB debugging in Settings-Developer options,
tap 7 times on Build number in Settings-About phone to enable Developer options.
3. Connect the phone to PC Along with USB cable, install drivers if wanted.
4. Select device in ADB settings.
5. Press Reboot to… button and select mode to reboot (download or recovery).

Operation: Repair
Selected model: SM-G532F
Software version: 36.0

If you are looking for Repair Network function then you should use Patch Certificate

Waiting ADB device… OK
Reading phone info…
Model: SM-G532F
Android version: 6.0.1
PDA version: G532FXWU1APJ1
CSC version: G532FOJV1APJ1
Phone version: G532FXXU1APJ7
Product code: SM-G532FZDDEGY
CSC country code: Egypt
CSC sales code: EGY
Phone SN: R58J24AJ64V
IMEI: 357621080708532
HW version: MP 0.300
RF cal date: 20170218
Chip name: MT6737T
Modem board: MT6737T
Security patch: 2016-10-01
Boot Warranty bit: 1
Searching server… OK
Checking server answer… OK
Initialization zTool… OK
Running zTool, kindly wait… OK
Reading data from phone… OK

Preparation of data… OK
Executing… error (0 1)
Try again after reboot

Done Along with Samsung Tool PRO v.36.0

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  1. ExpertBuddy says:

    SM-G532F root file g532f imei repair done…dBoot__1_.html

    rnWaiting ADB device… OK
    rnReading phone info…
    rnModel: SM-G532F
    rnAndroid version: 6.0.1
    rnPDA version: G532FXWU1AQG5
    rnCSC version: G532FOJV1AQG5
    rnPhone version: G532FXXU1AQG5
    rnProduct code: SM-G532FZDDXFA
    rnCSC country code: SOUTH AFRICA
    rnCSC sales code: XFA
    rnPhone SN: R58J60LM19D
    rnIMEI: 357000000000000
    rnHW version: MP 0.300
    rnRF cal date: 20170605
    rnChip name: MT6737T
    rnModem board: MT6737T
    rnSecurity patch: 2017-07-01
    rnBoot Warranty bit: 1
    rnChecking Super user right… true
    rnSearching server… OK
    rnChecking server answer… OK
    rnInitialization zTool… OK
    rnRunning zTool, kindly wait… OK
    rnReading data from phone… OK
    rnPreparation of data… OK
    rnWriting data to phone… OK
    rnRebooting phone… OK