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SM S327VL unlock need

On May 7, 2019, Posted by , With 14 Comments


Samsung Galaxy J3 Luna Pro, locked to tracfone. any idea of how to unlock this device?

thx in advance.


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  1. kijiji says:

    i m also curious to know that if possible to unlock this one

  2. tavenger52 says:

    Just flash Verizon ROM if you can find..

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  3. RandikPixie says:

    Are u sure will work Verizon rom?

  4. Ann Elmore says:
    rn lonel >
    Are u sure will work Verizon rom?

    its worked in the past on TF’s that had V in model number, such as G930VL. Flashing verizon rom to this phone unlocked sim and basically made it a verizon phone. However other models this trick did not work on. kindly give it a try and let us know if you were successful. Flash 4 file firmware kindly.

    rnWorst case scenario, it doesn’t unlock…or it fails, in which case flash stock back and you’re back to where you started.

    rnAgain, kindly let us know if it works title=smile

  5. killu says:

    I am looking for the solution if anyone can to be helped will be grateful.

  6. TechGuru says:
    rn >
    I am looking for the solution if anyone can to be helped will be grateful.

    i can unlock Along with other software

  7. ExpertBuddy says:
    rn bypas >
    i can unlock Along with other software

    u mind sharing the solution?

  8. TechGuru says:
    rn rn u mind sharing the solution?rn rn

    can u to be helped to unlock this phone

  9. arminasg says:

    This set it’s CDMA not possible to unlock for GSM.

  10. kijiji says:

    anyone kindly ?? to be helped

  11. Metaton says:

    UNLOCK SM-S327VL NEEDED, if anyone gets a solution kindly send me a Private Message. (PM)

    rnDetected phone model: SM-S327VL
    rnFirmware compiled date: Mon Jul 3 17:45:41 KST 2017
    rnPDA version: S327VLUDU2AQG1
    rnCSC version: S327VLTFN2AQG1
    rnSW version: S327VLUDU2AQG1
    rnPhone SN: R28J912KVEP
    rnAndroid version: 6.0.1 (MMB29M)
    rnSales code: TFN
    rnCountry: USA
    rnHW platform: msm8937
    rnHW Chip: MSM8937
    rnHW Modem: MSM8917
    rnSecurity patch level: 2017-07-01
    rnSIM 1 status: network locked
    rnCodename: j3popltetfnvzw

  12. killu says:

    Just wait few days ******soft unlock supported ……

  13. wagny says:

    model is only CDMA/LTE. not gsm.

  14. Metaton says:

    any news on unlocking this model? still cant find a way to solve this.