Successfully Android 9.0 Custom ROM For Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge WORK 100%

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Successfully Android 9.0 Custom ROM For Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge WORK 100%

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Although Google has officially released Android 9.0 Pie, it wants a very long time for Samsung to update this new Android version for their phone. Some devices that have been released for a couple of years like Galaxy S7 Edge might even no longer receive Android Pie update. But if you are using a Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge and want to experience the latest Android Pie version on your phone, then there is a custom ROM to make your dream come true. It’s the LineageOS 16.0 ROM built on Android 9.0 version Along with pure stock features. You want to experience all the new features of Android 9.0, then this ROM is for you. Follow this post to flash the ROM on your phone.

ROM Info:
OS Version: 9.x Pie

Kernel: Linux 3.x

Status: Beta

Current Beta Version: 0.0.2

Last Updated 2018-09-17

Models Supported:





Before flashing this custom Android 9.0 ROM, here are some things you should note first:

Back up all data on your phone first as flashing ROM will format them all.
As it’s a custom 9.0 ROM, so it wants a TWRP 3-2-3 recovery installed on your phone to flash it. You can download TWRP 3-2-3 recovery from this link and use Odin to flash the file. If you have previously install TWRP recovery, download TWRP 3-2-3.img, copy it into the internal storage and install it by choosing Install > Install img in recovery. After the update, remember to tap on Wipe > Format data and then select Mount > Storage so that TWRP recovery can recognize your phone internal storage.
This custom ROM can be flashed from any level.
Keep your phone battery at least 50% to avoid unwanted issues.
Once you meet all requirements, let’s start flashing the ROM on your Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge.

How To Flash Android 9.0 Pie Rom On Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge

First, you want to download the required files and then copy them into the internal storage of your phone

Root :

Next, switch your phone off and boot it into TWRP recovery mode (Power + Home + Volume Up buttons)
From there, tap on Wipe > Advanced Wipe and tick on four options: Dalvik/ART, Cache, Data, System
Next, tap on Install and flash the custom ROM
Wait for the ROM installation to complete. Tap on No and continuously flash the Gapps file and then the Root
Once done, tap on Reboot to reboot your phone. The bootup process will take about 10-15 minutes.
After your phone boots up successfully, you can now taste the Android 9.0 Pie version on your Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge. If you have any question, let’s know in the comment below.

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