Token of aprication to z3x team

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Token of aprication to z3x team

On November 1, 2020, Posted by , In General, With Comments Off on Token of aprication to z3x team

Let me take this opportunity to really really appreciate Z3X team for the support much improved nowadays.
it was not as it is now. hope member, you have noticed. gone are the days when we used to want to be helped and to be helped was neither late or completely zero.
but now thanks very much title=smiletitle=smiletitle=smile

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g965u final cert imei fail

any news for this problem?

i ve IMEI all 0.

Z3X "Searching Samsung modem... not found"

Hello, i bought a Z3X box Along with all the cables.

But it wont find my phone!

In X3X Samsung tool v13.3 it wont find my Samsung galaxy S3. It says:


Searching Samsung modem… not found or Phone not found

It says that all the time.

Do you know the problem solver?